The Hampden Great House Old Single Jamaican Rum Distillery Edition 2020

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Hampden Great House 2020 is second release of the exclusive distillery edition.
Great House Distillery Edition is a tribute to the astonishingly old mansion at the distillery. Hampden's Great House was built in 1779 by the first owners of the Estate, the Stirlings. Its first floor was used for rum storage (barrels waiting to be transferred to the cargo ships) until the 20th century. Today it’s the house of representation for guests and visitors.
Hampden Great House 2020 is a blend of two different rums of different marks and vintages: OWH 2013 at 80% of the blend and <>H 2017 at 20%. The first is the light Hampden formula and the second is the iconic mark that got high recognition by rum experts all over the world.

Profile: Intense and fruity.  Nose: Rich and powerful. Medicinal and camphorated with ripe banana and pineapple flavors.  Palate: Bold and straightforward. Chocolate, liquorice, tobacco, empyreumatic.  Finish: Long and unctuous. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, rum baba.

“Appleton may be Jamaica’s most famous rum export, but hardcore aficionados search out the island’s heavy pot still expressions, famed for their earthy, vegetal funk, or “hogo,” as it’s known locally. The latest limited- edition release from Hampden, one of Jamaica’s oldest and most acclaimed distilleries, is a gorgeous example of funky Jamaican pot still rum. It’s a combination of two distillates or “marques,” both at least 8 years old. One is very low ester (esters are the molecular chains which create flavor) and one is very high ester. The combination is lively and full, intense but not overwhelming. The gorgeous grassy and slightly vegetal nose leads to tropical fruit notes on the palate, mainly pineapple, along with a touch of smoke, a little fruity vinegar and a helping of dry oak. The finish is oak and funk all the way. It’s a distinctive, weird rum that’s not for everyone. But for more adventurous rummies, it will be love at first sip.” - Robb Report