Remy Martin Cognac Tercet

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Three talents came together to create Remy Martin Tercet: The Wine Master, the Master Distiller, and the Cellar Master. United, they symbolize the diversity of craft and tradition of Remy Martin.

Remy Martin Tercet Cognac Fine Champagne is a unique blend. These grapes are famous for their expressive fruit aromas with a halo of exotic and elegant notes. They were identified and put aside in secret to create something special by Baptiste Loiseau, the current Remy Martin Cellar Master.

Tercet is a return to the roots of Remy Martin as a winemaker. Extremely round, it coats the palate, punctuated with notes exotic fruits, and spices. The finale, with a touch of grilled almond, is extremely long and complex in the mouth.
Reflecting the styles of the three masters of the Maison, Tercet lights up a new path for craft cognac.

How to drink Remy Tercet:
Enjoy this unique blend neat or on ice – using one large ice cube to bring out the aromatic explosion of this blend.  Rémy Martin Tercet should be served in a burgundy wine glass, which concentrates the aromas of the blend. Pair with a fresh tropical fruit dessert such as fresh pineapple carpaccio, sorbet or fine tart.